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Banned for like 4th time?

2008-06-17 13:47:07 by JagAlskirDiG

I'm so pissed of getting banned, specially for spam threads. Uuurgh.
I'll make you guys a drawing to express my feelings

Banned for like 4th time?

Exams: Pffft

2008-06-09 12:24:24 by JagAlskirDiG

Man, exams started.

Math was easy, a bit tooooo easy.. /suspiciosface

You hate them aswell?

Got some Flashy help.

2008-02-08 15:18:22 by JagAlskirDiG

Lame title don't you think?


I discovered that the Flash forum is a much more happier place, then General.
I asked for help, and I got it. Not unlike in General: "You're ugly." or "Ask PEDO Bear."

That bear is awesome btw.

Anyways, I asked help about Lip Sync, and I started to work with the toturial I was reffered to.
So the next Flash you'll see from me will include talking rebits! Yey. K..

I'll just go flush myself now.

Banned again..

2008-02-07 03:23:16 by JagAlskirDiG

For posting in a topic where I didn't post..

What the hell?

Stupid mods, probaby been that asshole Zerok, he's the dumbest of them all.
I hope he dies in a fire or something.

Banned again..

Got Banned

2008-02-03 14:25:49 by JagAlskirDiG

Posting spam.. Bullshit.

All I did was posting about bananas in a thread of National Security.

Big deal. Anyways, no more me on the forums.

This is a black day in the history of NG.

Playing some old games

2008-02-02 09:40:45 by JagAlskirDiG

I found my BF42 box, installed and started playing.

Thing is, I suck now. I used to be pretty good, but my skills are completely gone.
So it kinda wastes the game experience I used to have.

What games make you guys nostalgic?

New Avatar

2008-01-29 15:06:07 by JagAlskirDiG

Made a new avatar.

In the background is my favorite model/porn star (shhhht!!). Keeley Hazell.

Just posting here to post.